RNA Purification Systems

ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell and Tissue Miniprep Systems

A 30-minute protocol for extracting high-quality, concentrated RNA from 1 × 102–1 × 106 cultured cells or 0.25–20mg tissues.

ReliaPrep™ FFPE RNA Miniprep System

Isolate RNA from FFPE tissue in 1.5 hours with the ReliaPrep™ FFPE RNA Miniprep System. No need for hazardous solvents or overnight digestion!

PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System

Use this system for midiprep-scale RNA purification up to 1mg total RNA. Get rapid isolation of total RNA with undetectable levels of genomic DNA contamination and without using DNase.

SV Total RNA Isolation

This system provides a fast, miniprep-scale RNA isolation system using spin or vacuum protocols. A 96-well format is available for high-throughput manual processing and has been automated on several liquid handlers.

Maxwell® RSC RNA FFPE Kit

Use this system with the Maxwell® RSC Instrument to rapidly extract RNA from FFPE tissue. High yields of concentrated RNA. No need to concentrate eluates before RT-PCR.

simplyRNA for Maxwell® RSC Instruments

The Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Kits allow easy, automated RNA purification from cells or tissues, providing consistent yields of high-quality RNA for use in downstream applications.

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