RNA Purification

simplyRNA for Maxwell® RSC Instruments

The Maxwell® RSC simplyRNA Kits allow easy, automated RNA purification from cells or tissues, providing consistent yields of high-quality RNA for use in downstream applications.

Maxwell® RSC RNA FFPE Kit

Use this system with the Maxwell® RSC Instrument to rapidly extract RNA from FFPE tissue. High yields of concentrated RNA. No need to concentrate eluates before RT-PCR.

Maxwell® 16 LEV Plant RNA Kit

Extract RNA from challenging plant samples. Process 1-16 samples in 60 minutes with minimal preprocessing, increasing consistency in RNA purification from soybean, corn and Arabidopsis samples.

ReliaPrep™ RNA Cell and Tissue Miniprep Systems

A 30-minute protocol for extracting high-quality, concentrated RNA from 1 × 102–1 × 106 cultured cells or 0.25–20mg tissues.

ReliaPrep™ FFPE RNA Miniprep System

Isolate RNA from FFPE tissue in 1.5 hours with the ReliaPrep™ FFPE RNA Miniprep System. No need for hazardous solvents or overnight digestion!

SV Total RNA Isolation

This system provides a fast, miniprep-scale RNA isolation system using spin or vacuum protocols. A 96-well format is available for high-throughput manual processing and has been automated on several liquid handlers.

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