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Mol. Cell. Neurosci. 22, 298-307. Nogo (Reticulon 4) expression in innervated and denervated mouse skeletal muscle 2003

Magnusson, C., Libelius, R., Tagerud, S.

Notes: cDNA fragments from the Nogo gene were amplified from genomic DNA and cloned into the pGEM®-T vector. The Wizard® Plus Mini- and Midiprep kits were used to purify the plasmids from bacterial cells. (2658)

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Genes Dev. 12, 894-900. A protein-induced DNA bend increases the specificity of a prokaryotic enhancer-binding protein. 1999

Dworkin, J., Ninfa, A.J., Model, P.

Notes: Plasmids were purified with either the Wizard® Plus Midipreps DNA Purification System or the Wizard® Plus Megapreps DNA Purification System. The purified plasmids were used for in vitro transcription. (1209)

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J. Biol. Chem. 274, 19644-19648. Specific DNA recognition by F factor TraY involves beta-sheet residues. 1999

Lum, P.L., Schildbach, J.F.

Notes: Plasmids were purified with either the Wizard® Plus Minipreps DNA Purification System or the Wizard® Plus Midipreps DNA Purifications System. PCR products were purified with the Wizard® PCR Preps System. (0751)

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Biochem. J. 332, 773-780. Transcript heterogeneity of the human reduced folate carrier results from the use of multiple promoters and variable splicing of alternative upstream exons. 1998

Zhang, L. , Wong, S. C. , Matherly, L. H.

Notes: The authors used the PolyATtract® mRNA Isolation System to isolate mRNA from total RNA. They used this mRNA-rich fraction for primer extension analysis using AMV Reverse Transcriptase. The Wizard® Plus Midipreps DNA Purification System was used for various plasmid isolations. The Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Assay System was used to study promoters cloned into the pGL3-Basic Vector. The pRL-SV40 was used as a transfection control plasmid. (0095)

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J. Biol. Chem. 272, 27382-27392. The homeodomain protein arix interacts synergistically with cyclic AMP to regulate expression of neurotransmitter biosynthetic genes. 1997

Swanson, D.J., Zellmer, E. and Lewis, E.J.

Notes: DNA was isolated with the Wizard® Plus DNA Purification System and ethanol-precipitated with ammonium acetate prior to transfection. The DNA was used for calcium phosphate transfection of PC12 and HepG2 cells. (0283)

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