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J. Forensic Sci. 46(2), 346-348. Identifying sex chromosome abnormalities in forensic DNA testing using amelogenin and sex chromosome short tandem repeats. 2001

Young, D.R., Tun, Z., Honda, K. and Matoba, R.

Notes: Peak height ratios at the amelogenin locus were used along with X-Y short tandem repeats to indicate the possibility of Klinefelter's Syndrome. (2273)

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J. Forensic Sci. 45(6), 1360-1362. Promega Corporation reveals primer sequences in its testing kits. 2000

Masibay, A., Mozer, T.J. and Sprecher, C.

Notes: This paper reveals the primer sequence for Promega's PowerPlex 1.1, amelogenin, FFFL and PowerPlex 1.2 Systems. (2265)

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J. Forensic Sci. 44(6), 1243-1256. TWGDAM validation of a nine-locus and a four-locus fluorescent STR multiplex system. 1999

Micka KA, Amiott EA, Hockenberry TL, Sprecher CJ, Lins AM, Rabbach DR, Taylor JA, Bacher JW, Glidewell DE, Gibson SD, Crouse CA, Schumm JW

Notes: This paper describes validation of the PowerPlex® 1.1 System, Amelogenin and the FFFFL Fluorescent STR Systems according to the recommendations of the Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (TWGDAM). (2266)

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Electrophoresis 19(1), 76-79. Sex determination of forensic samples by polymerase chain reaction of the amelogenin gene and analysis by capillary electrophoresis with polymer matrix. 1998

Pouchkarev, V.P., Shved, E.F. and Novikov, P.I.

Notes: The GenePrint® Sex Identification System-Amelogenin was used in combination with a capillary electrophoresis system to correctly identify subnanogram quantities of male and female DNA. (2288)

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