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Transfection Reagents

NanoLucProteinStability-280x90ViaFect Transfect Reagent. Develop More Viable Assays. Request a Sample Today.

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Build a More Viable Assay

When performing transfection-based experiments, the biology of the cells to be analyzed is critical. ViaFect™ Transfection Reagent allows high-efficiency transfection of a wide range of cell types without compromising cell viability, allowing you to design a more relevant assay.

Featured Products

ViaFect™ Transfection Reagent

Generate more relevant data with efficient transfection of your optimal cell line without compromising cell viability.

FuGENE® 6 Transfection Reagent

FuGENE® 6 offers proven performance cited in thousands of scientific papers and used in hundreds of cell lines. The novel non-liposomal formulation offers high efficiency transfection of DNA with minimal toxicity.

FuGENE® HD Transfection Reagent

Transfect DNA into a wide variety of cell lines with high efficiency and low toxicity! There is no need to remove serum or culture medium after introducing the reagent:DNA complex.

TransFast™ Transfection Reagent

Spend less time optimizing transfections especially for primary cell cultures requiring continuous exposure to serum.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr Reverse Transfection Using FuGENE® 6 and FuGENE® HD

In this article, we tested the ability of FuGENE® 6 and FuGENE® HD to “reverse” transfect three cell lines and monitored efficiency and toxicity using the ONE-Glo™ + Tox Luciferase Reporter and Cell Viability Assay.

Tools_fr FuGENE® HD Optimization Analysis

This simple data analysis tool helps determine optimal transfection conditions for the system being tested.

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