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Protein Interactions


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Protein Interactions
HaloTag® Technology for Protein Interactions

HaloTag® Pull-Down Systems allow rapid capture of binary and higher order complexes directly from lysates, and allow correlation of capture with cellular localization.

Featured Products

HaloTag® Pull-Down for Protein:DNA Interactions

No antibody required! Identify protein:DNA interactions in 24-48 hours with a simple, proven ChIP system. 


View the animation below to learn how to use TNT® cell-free expression systems for convenient co-immunoprecipitation experiments.

GST Magnetic Pull-Downs

Quickly identify protein:protein interactions in either  E. coli or TnT® cell-free systems.

HaloLink™ Resin

Easy, covalent, oriented attachment of HaloTag® fusion proteins.

HaloLink™ Protein Arrays

Generate your own custom protein arrays, using your choice of target and obtain sensitive, easy detection.

Featured Resources

pubhub_fr HaloCHIP™ System: Mapping Intracellular Protein:DNA Interactions using HaloTag® Technology

This article introduces the HaloCHIP™ System, describing the method details, providing example data, and highighting the benefits of using this system to detect protein:DNA complexes.

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Scientists at Your Service

Scientists at Your Service

We offer a range of services to help you succeed using Promega technologies. From product training to set up of automated systems and development of custom applications—our scientific support goes beyond the basics.

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