Automation for Genetic Identity

Identity Automation™ for Normalization and the PowerPlex® System

The STR Normalization Manager™ has been created to add control and functionality to automated STR amplification setup.

DNA IQ™ System

DNA extraction using the DNA IQ™ System has been automated on a number of platforms, including the Biomek® 3000, Tecan Freedom EVO® and Maxwell® 16 Instruments.

Automated Differex™ System

The Differex™ System is the first and only system that allows a forensic laboratory to automate every step of differential extraction. Process up to 48 differential extractions in less than 5 hours, with less than 1 hour of hands-on time.

Plexor® HY System

Setup of Plexor® HY reactions can be automated, removing user-to-user variability from qPCR and cutting hands-on time from an hour or more to just minutes.

DNA IQ™ Reference and Casework Sample Kits for Maxwell® 16

These kits employ the trusted DNA IQ™ reagents and Maxwell® 16 Instrument to purify DNA from reference and casework samples, including buccal swabs, FTA® blood cards, stains and trace DNA samples.

Featured Resources

Identity Automation™ qPCR Setup Protocol for the PowerQuant™ and Plexor® HY Systems on the Beckman Coulter Biomek® NXP Workstation