Custom Assay Materials

Pre-Built Protein:Protein Interaction Assays

Live-cell protein interaction assays based on Bioluminescent Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) for protein targets in bromodomain, transcription, and other protein families.

Luciferase Pathway Reporters

Cell lines and vectors for pathway analysis, including cytokine modulators and toxicity pathway studies such as heat shock, hypoxia and DNA damage.

pH Reactive Dyes for Antibody Internalization Assays

Two dyes available: pHAb-ME labels thiols from reduced cysteines in the antibody hinge region; pHAb-SE labels the primary amine of lysines. Both dyes are non-fluorescent at neutral pH and highly fluorescent in acidic environments. 

HaloTag® Technology for Protein Analysis

HaloTag® reagents for live cell imaging, protein expression, and  immobilization  including vectors, functional ligands and live-cell protein interaction assays.

GPCR Analysis Featuring GloSensor™ Assay

Intracellular biosensors for cAMP, cGMP, and protease detection. GloSensor™ Technology provides luminescence-based, real-time detection of signaling events in live cells.

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