Custom Assay Materials


Prebuilt Protein:Protein Interaction Assays

Live-cell protein interaction assays based on Bioluminescent Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) for protein targets in bromodomain, transcription, and other protein families.

Cell Lines + Vectors

Cell lines and vectors for pathway analysis, including cytokine modulators and toxicity pathway studies such as heat shock, hypoxia and DNA damage.

HaloTag® Technology for Protein Analysis

HaloTag® reagents for live cell imaging, protein expression, and  immobilization  including vectors, functional ligands and live-cell protein interaction assays.

GPCR Analysis Featuring GloSensor™ Assay

Intracellular biosensors for cAMP, cGMP, and protease detection. GloSensor™ Technology provides luminescence-based, real-time detection of signaling events in live cells.

Featured Resources

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