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Custom Assay Materials


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Protease Assays 4620CA
Stay A Step Ahead

Use the latest Custom Assay Services materials to advance your discovery programs and keep ahead of the pack. Choose from a range of vectors and cell lines based on the proven luciferase reporter systems and HaloTag® labeling technologies.


Pre-Built Protein:Protein Interaction Assays

Live-cell protein interaction assays based on Bioluminescent Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) for protein targets in bromodomain, transcription, and other protein families.

Luciferase Pathway Reporters

Cell lines and vectors for pathway analysis, including cytokine modulators and toxicity pathway studies such as heat shock, hypoxia and DNA damage.

GPCR Analysis Featuring GloSensor™ Assay

Cell lines and vectors incorporating Promega’s GloSensor™ live-cell bioluminescent detection technology. Use for kinetic studies of signal transduction through cAMP or cGMP as well as for proteases.

HaloTag® Vectors for Protein Analysis

A variety of  custom vectors for live cell imaging, protein localization, cell-to-gel analysis, and protein pulldowns. Also available: N- and C-terminal Flexi HaloTag® Vectors for attenuated expression, protein secretion and nuclear localization in mammalian cells, and vectors containing regulated mammalian, TK, SV40, PGK, EF1α promoters.

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ProductResources_fr Drug Discovery

Promega offers homogeneous ultrahigh-throughput assays for compound profiling, biologics screening, detecting mechanism of cell death, determining cell health and measuring metabolic responses such as CYP450, HDAC, and kinase activities.

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Scientists at Your Service

Scientists at Your Service

We offer a range of services to help you succeed using Promega technologies. From product training to set up of automated systems and development of custom applications—our scientific support goes beyond the basics.

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