Genomic DNA Purification Kits

ReliaPrep™ Blood gDNA Miniprep System

This ready-to-use system consistently isolates gDNA from up to 200μl of blood without the use of alcohol washes or precipitations. Expect yields of 4–10μg depending on the white blood cell count of the sample.

ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System

Isolate genomic DNA from FFPE tissue in 2-3 hours with the ReliaPrep™ FFPE gDNA Miniprep System. No need for hazardous solvents or overnight digestion!

Maxwell® 16 LEV Plant DNA Kit

Extract DNA from challenging plant samples. Process 1-16 samples in 60 minutes with minimal preprocessing. No organic extraction required.

Maxwell® RSC DNA FFPE Kit

Use this system with the Maxwell® RSC Instrument to rapidly extract DNA from FFPE tissue. High yields of concentrated DNA. No need to concentrate eluates before PCR.

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