Biochemical Buffers and Reagents

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Acrylamide, Molecular Grade

Resolve very small DNA fragments, such as those generated by sequencing reactions, using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

Nuclease-Free Water

Our high-quality Nuclease-Free Water is tested and certified to be free of DNase and RNase activity.

IPTG, Dioxane-Free

IPTG induces β-galactosidase activity by binding to and inhibiting the lac repressor, allowing you to differentiate recombinants from non-recombinants in cloning strategies using vectors containing the lacZ or lacZ α-peptide gene.


Used in conjunction with IPTG to detect β-galactosidase activity, X-Gal is tested for use with the pGEM®-Z vectors in chromogenicity assays.

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