2015 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility

2015 Promega Corporate Responsibility Report

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Corporate Responsibility

For more than 30 years, Promega has consistently integrated the values of corporate responsibility and sustainable business practices into all aspects of our corporate culture and activity. We realize that our success depends upon the sustainable connections we forge among our people, the natural environment and the communities where we work.

Here you will find the stories, data and activities that we have engaged in on our journey to live a vision of corporate responsibility. Read about our sustainability practices, how we support our internal and local communities and our outreach activities. You can download the full reports as PDF files or browse through this website to find the items that most interest you.

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Photo of William Linton William A. Linton signature
William A. Linton, Chairman & CEO

“We realize that we are stewards of our work and living environment for those who will succeed us in generations to come.”

What's Going On

Promega Korea Participates in Electric Love 10K – May 2015

Employees from Promega Korea and Promega Biosystems Korea participated in the 12th Annual Electric Love 10K. The event commemorates the date Korea used electricity for the first time and promotes energy conservation as a means to protect our planet. This is one of the largest sustainable events in Korea, with over 12,000 participants.

Promega Korea Participates in Electric Love 10k Promega Korea Participates in Electric Love 10k Promega Korea Participates in Electric Love 10k

Promega Celebrate Earth Day – April 2015

For Earth Day, Promega locations globally took actions to promote environmental stewardship and encourage action. At the Promega corporate campus in Madison, Wisconsin, a free recycling event was offered, collecting over 10,000 pounds of electronic waste. In San Luis Obispo, California, the Promega Biosciences ‘Grrreen’ Team held an Earth Day Festival with stations focused on drought tolerant landscapes, sustainable irrigation systems, veggie gardening, and bike maintenance.

Promega Celebrate Earth Day Bike Maintenance at Earth Day

August 2014—Promega Supports ALS with Ice Bucket Challenge

To raise awareness and funds for ALS research Promega teams participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge and asked internal teams and local companies to contribute. In locations impacted by drought we tried to reuse or repurpose water for irrigation. Visit www.alsa.org to do your part and check out a few of our videos from the teams that participated:

Promega ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

June 2014—Promega Biosystems Re-certified as a Green Business

We are pleased to announce that Promega Biosystems in Sunnyvale, CA is officially a re-certified as a California Green Business! Promega Biosystems was originally certified in 2011 thanks to numerous improvements to conserve energy and water, use environmentally responsible materials, and reduce waste. The team in Sunnyvale continues to look for additional ways to be more sustainable with significant progress on recycling and composting since first being certified.

Promega Biosystems Office