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Promega Corporation

Overcoming Challenges of Protein Analysis in Mammalian Systems

Danette Daniels received her Ph.D. in biophysics from Yale University, where she performed structural studies of PDZ domains and their interactions with ligands. She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University School of Medicine, characterizing transcriptional regulation of the Wnt signaling pathway using X-ray crystallography and biochemical approaches. She has been at Promega for 6 years and is currently a Group Leader developing applications for studies of global protein:protein and protein:DNA interactions using HaloTag technology, particularly those involved in epigenetics research.

  • Danette Daniels, Ph.D.

  • Ph.D.

  • Original Webinar Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The growing trend towards study of mammalian proteins in their native environment has presented specific challenges in the areas of protein expression and purification, monitoring trafficking events both spatially and temporally, and isolation of intact intracellular protein complexes. The HaloTag® technology, a multifunctional fusion protein tag, allows researchers to address each of these challenging research areas and overcome common barriers associated with standard fusion tags using a single protein fusion in combination with a variety of HaloTag® ligands each optimized for one of these specific applications.

This webinar will present data demonstrating use of the HaloTag® technology for optimized mammalian protein expression and purification, real-time imaging following trafficking in the cell, and isolation of multi-protein complexes, including large macromolecular complexes. Other products such as validated HaloTag® Clones from Kazusa, HaloLink™ Protein Array Systems and HaloCHIP™ Systems used to study protein:DNA complexes will also be highlighted.

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