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Implementing Promega PowerPlex® STR Kits for Non-Forensic Applications

Lisa M. Ortuno holds M.S and Ph.D. degrees in biology from the University of South Carolina where she studied the population genetics of American alligators using microsatellite (STR) and Sanger sequencing technology. She worked for Applied Biosystems/LifeTechnologies for nine years – five years as a Field Applications Specialist supporting fragment analysis and sequencing and then four years as a Technical Support representative in the Human Identification group. She worked at Illumina in Technical Support for next-generation sequencing prior to coming to Promega where she is a Senior Workflow Solutions Specialist. Currently she is utilizing her experience and expertise with commercial STR kits on capillary electrophoresis instruments to provide technical support and training for labs using Promega PowerPlex® kits in non-forensic and paternity settings.

  • Lisa Ortuno

  • Original Webinar Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Promega PowerPlex® human STR kits were originally developed and used for forensic and paternity analyses. However, since this technology typically produces a unique multi-locus genotype for individual human DNA samples, it is a powerful technology amenable for use in a number of applications that require single-source and mixed sample genotyping and analyses. This webinar will discuss how to generate optimal Promega STR kit data using common capillary electrophoresis platforms under non-forensic configurations (50cm arrays with POP6 or POP7). Other topics covered will include (1) setting up data collection on the 3130/3130xL, 3500/3500xL and 3730 CE instrument, (2) relevant differences between Promega PowerPlex® and LifeTechnologies STR kits and protocols, (3) GeneMapper 4.1 data analysis, and (4) direct comparison of PowerPlex® 16HS and AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Plus generated data.

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