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Efficiently Build Relevant In Vitro Models Using Human Stem Cell-Derived Tissue Cells, High Performance Transfection and Novel Multiplexed Reporter Techniques

Brian W. Jarecki is a Technical Application Scientist working in the Applications Group at Cellular Dynamics International (CDI; Madison, WI). In this role he serves as the primary support liaison between CDI and their customers by providing both pre and post-sales technical and application support. Prior to joining CDI, he received his Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology in 2010 from Indiana University. Here, he investigated the physiological consequences of inherited and acquired voltage-gated sodium channelopathies by examining their role in modulating neuronal excitability and pain syndromes. His research was funded by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. He followed his thesis work with postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Neuroscience where he was awarded a fellowship from the Cardiovascular Research Center. During this time he developed novel biophysical tools and methods by coupling chemical and optical approaches to examine the molecular underpinnings of voltage and temperature-gated ion channels. Brian’s research has yielded 11 peer-reviewed publications and enabled him to serve as a scientific reviewer for multiple journals. He is also a member of the Biophysical Society, founder of ThePostdocWay, and an active voice in the scientific outreach and entrepreneurial communities in Madison.

Matthew Robers is a Senior Research Scientist and Target Engagement Group Leader at Promega Corporation.  Matthew received his B.A. degree in the department of Genetics and his M.S. degree in the department of Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to joining Promega, Matthew has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications and published patents on the application of novel assay chemistries to measure intracellular protein dynamics.  Matthew's team currently focuses on the development of new technologies to assess target engagement, and has developed a biophysical technique for quantifying compound affinity and residence time at selected intracellular targets within intact cells. Matt also has a role supporting custom assay service (CAS) projects utilizing these novel chemistries, for key external collaborators.

  • Matthew Robers and Brian Jarecki, Ph.D.

  • Matt - Sr. Research Scientist and Brian - Technical Applications Scientist

  • Original Webinar Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

This webinar will discuss how highly pure human tissue cells and new transfection techniques can be used to build relevant human cell models that recapitulate disease phenotypes and enable rapid, quantitative analysis of biological pathways.

Scientific and technical barriers to understanding human biology are being removed. The commercial availability of highly pure human tissue cells, such as iCell® Cardiomyocytes and iCell DopaNeurons, has introduced physiologically relevant cellular models into basic research, early drug discovery and development, and late-stage pre-clinical studies.  Genetic manipulation of these cell models using ViaFect™ Transfection Reagent, an advanced lipid-based transfection technique enabling highly efficient and low toxicity transfection of reporter constructs and markers, offers the opportunity to build relevant human cell models that recapitulate disease phenotypes and enable rapid and quantitative analysis of biological pathways.

Scientists from Cellular Dynamics International and Promega co-presented this webinar describing the application and advantages of genetically manipulating human iCell products with ViaFect. You will walk away with:

  • New insight into highly efficient and low toxicity transfection of human cells
  • Examples of multiplexing cellular changes with functional readouts
  • New techniques for easy implementation of relevant human biology into workflows