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Rapid Antibody Selection Methods for Immunotherapeutic Candidate Development

  • Strategies for selecting antibodies against immunotherapy targets (BCMA, TIGIT, B7-H3)
  • Methods for maximizing time and reagent value when running cell-based functional assays
  • Value of upfront sequences for a large panel of antibodies as a tool to select the best candidates


The AbTheneum™ antibody discovery platform from Single Cell Technology offers a rapid and convenient method to select candidates for testing therapeutic function. The output from AbTheneum™ is a database of cross-referenced data for each single cell. In this study, the most diverse set of antibodies were chosen for reconstruction and initial assays to pick the most promising leads. Cell-based functional assays serve as a practical first test to critically assess reconstructed antibodies. The massive output from antibody campaigns against BCMA, B7-H3, and TIGIT are presented and methods to select the most diverse subset of antibodies for reconstruction are discussed. All reconstructed antibodies were tested using cell-based functional assays to select for functional, high-affinity antibody candidates.



Chun-Nan Chen, PhD
Single Cell Technology, Inc.

Chun-Nan Chen founded SCT in 2008 with partners Jim Bowlby and Rich Jorgensen with the vision of developing and commercializing AbTheneum™, a valuable and scalable platform technology that can screen and identify the best antibody candidates directly from plasma cells. He is also the inventor of numerous patents issued to SCT related to AbTheneum™, including the core technology and associated instrument. Dr. Chen directed the world’s 6th largest DNA sequencing facility for the Human Genome Project at Applied Biosystems and is a registered United States Patent Agent. 

Dr. Chen was a member of Taiwan’s National Science Council on Biotechnology, and an adviser for the Executive Yuan. He was also an invited speaker at numerous scientific meetings both in Taiwan and the United States, and taught the Advanced Genome Sequence Analysis course at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University, and his postdoctoral training in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC San Francisco.

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