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Promega Webinars

Welcome to the Promega Webinar Series, an ongoing communication designed to keep you informed. Learn about basic concepts, tips and techniques to help your research, or understand how products were designed and how to implement in your lab. Most presentations are given by Promega scientists and you will have an opportunity to interact with our Technical Service Scientist directly during live events via chat. The webinars are free though we do ask that you register for the events. Registration allows us to send you the URL for the webinar.

Ask the Experts: Energy Metabolism Assays

Cell-Based Assays

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Dr. Michael Valley and Dr. Donna Leippe

Are you just getting started monitoring cellular metabolism, or do you have questions about your assay system? Whether you are studying cancer, diabetes, stem cells or other changes in cellular states, cellular metabolism is affected. Join our experts in a live question and answer session where they address your questions and offer tips on assay normalization and cell differentiation.

Accelerate Time to Market by Leveraging a Manufacturing Partnership


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Jennifer Romanin, MS and Jason Miller, PhD

Life science research is opening up exciting new applications for biotechnology and clinical products. The benefits of a collaborative manufacturing partnership can bring those advances to market sooner. This webinar will review key considerations for evaluating potential custom partners, followed by examples and lessons learned from Promega Corporation's experience as a custom manufacturing partner for a variety of markets.

Did you miss one of our webinars? Simply select the appropriate link below and view the recorded webinar. It will not be interactive, but you will see the chat questions the original attendees asked. For additional information on the products discussed in the webinar, explore our links to videos and other resources.

If there is an area you would like to see covered, you can request a topic of your choice.

If you are experiencing issues opening the webinar recordings, please be sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed.

Bottoms Up: Improving Proteomic Sample Preparation with Recombinant Asp-N and Multi-Enzyme Workflows


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Chris Hosfield, PhD

While trypsin is the workhorse for bottom-up proteomics, it is not a magic bullet since tryptic digestion often leaves gaps in protein sequences. In this webinar Dr. Hosfield will describe the advantages of using a new recombinant Asp-N protease to fill in the gaps. He will also demonstrate how combining digests from multiple proteases can yield comprehensive sequence coverage of proteins from a single LC-MS/MS run.

Ask the Experts: Ensuring a Successful PCR Every Time


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Natascha Buter, MS and Joliene Lindholm, PhD

Do you have questions about PCR? Our Technical Support Scientists Natascha Buter and Joliene Lindholm will be answering all your questions about nucleic acid amplification. Learn more about endpoint PCR and how to make sure you have a successful run every time.

Simplifying HT Nucleic Acid Purification with Expert Automation Support


Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bats Mutamba

Implementing or making changes to your high-throughput (HT) nucleic acid purification workflow can be complicated and time-consuming. Join us for an overview of purification options for every scale, common barriers to automating and examples of solutions developed by our support team, as well as a live Q&A to address all of your questions.

ccfDNA In the Lab: Optimizing Purification for Sequencing


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Margaret L Gulley, MD

Circulating cell-free DNA can be used to monitor tumor burden and monitor disease progress. In part 3 of 3 ccfDNA webinars, Dr. Gulley discusses variables important to isolating high-quality ccfDNA from plasma samples including anticoagulant, plasma volume and storage length and conditions.

ccfDNA Workflows: Honing in on the Target


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Douglas Horejsh, Ph.D.

The low concentration and highly fragmented nature of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA), coupled with a low frequency of biomarkers of interest, present many challenges for ccfDNA purification and monitoring. In part 2 of 3 ccfDNA webinars, we will discuss techniques for maximizing results through proper sample handling, purification, quantitation, QC, and downstream processing of isolated cell-free DNA.

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