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Cell-Free Protein Expression Vectors

Vector Sequence & Reference Points Protocol GenBank®
pCMVTNT™ Vector (#L5620)
Sequence & Reference Points pCMVTNT™ Vector, TB305 AF477200
pF25A ICE T7 Flexi® Vector (#L1061)
Sequence & Reference Points pF25A ICE T7 Flexi® Vector, 9PIL106 EU754721
pF25K ICE T7 Flexi® Vector (#L1081)
Sequence & Reference Points pF25K ICE T7 Flexi® Vector, 9PIL108 EU754722
pF3A WG (BYDV) Flexi® Vector (#L5671)
Sequence & Reference Points pF3A WG (BYDV) Flexi® Vector, 9PIL567 AY949043
pF3K WG (BYDV) Flexi® Vector (#L5681)
Sequence & Reference Points pF3K WG (BYDV) Flexi® Vector, 9PIL568 AY949044
pTNT™ Vector
Sequence & Reference Points pTNT™ Vector Technical Bulletin, TB304 AF479322