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Virology 207, 566-571. The putative replicase of the cocksfoot mottle sobemovirus is translated as a part of the polyprotein by -1 ribosomal frameshift. 1995

Makinen, K., Naess, V., Tamm, T., Truve, E., Aaspollu, A., Saarma, M.

Notes: Cocksfoot mottle virus (CfMV) RNA was translated in vitro with the Wheat Germ Extract System. The putative replicase is translated in vitro as a part of a polyprotein by a eukaryotic –1 ribosomal frameshift mechanism. (0725)

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EMBO J. 13, 3631-3637. Folding of firefly luciferase during translation in a cell-free system. 1994

Kolb, V.A., Makeyev, E.V., Spirin, A.S.

Notes: Luciferase mRNA was transcribed, and the mRNA was translated in a wheat germ extract system. Luminescence was measured by adding luciferin to the translation mixtures before incubation. The accumulation of full-sized luciferase correlated with the increase in light production, and translation arrest lead to immediate cessation of luciferase activity increase. The ribosome-bound protein had no detectable enzymatic activity, but enzymatic activity was shown a few seconds after luciferase was released from the ribosome. Renaturation of denatured luciferase under these conditions had a half-time of approx. 14 minutes, supporting the cotranslational folding hypothesis (peptides start to attain native structure while synthesizing on the ribosome). (0877)

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Biochem. Soc. Trans. 22, 413S. Nuclear expression of mitochondrial genes implicated in human encephalomyopathies. 1994

Sutherland, L., Davidson, J., Jacobs, H. T.

Notes: This paper discusses the use of the TNT® Coupled Reticulocyte Lysate System to express mitochondrial genes in the mammalian cytosol and check for protein expression. (0324)

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Cell 67, 1075-1087. B cell lymphoma-associated chromosomal translocation involves candidate oncogene lyt-10, homologous to NF-kappa B p50. 1991

Neri, A., Chang, C.C., Lombardi, L., Salina, M., Corradini, P., Maiolo, A.T., Chaganti, R.S., Dalla Favera, R.

Notes: The Wheat Germ Extract was used to generate proteins which, in combination with the Gel Shift Assay System, were used for gel shift assays. (0651)

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J. Virol. 64, 5988-5996. Use of a cell-free system to identify the vaccinia virus L1R gene product as the major late myristylated virion protein M25. 1990

Franke, C. A. , Wilson, E. M. , Hruby, D. E.

Notes: Authors used the Riboprobe® in vitro Transcription System to make RNA and translate it in the Wheat Germ Extract System to study myristlyation of the protein. (1170)

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Science 243, 1689-1694. Leucine Repeats and an Adjacent DNA Binding Domain Mediate the Formation of Functional cFox-cJun Heterodimers 1989

Turner, R., Tjian, R.

Notes: Protein products translated in vitro in Rabbit Reticulocyte Lysate and Wheat Germ Extract were used for gel shift assays. (0245)

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