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Blood 104, 1656-1661. Roles of MITF for development of mast cells in mice: effects on both precursors and tissue environments. 2004

Morii, E., Oboki, K., Ishihara, K., Jippo, T., Hirano, T. and Kitamura, Y.

Notes: Genomic DNA was isolated from mouse primary granulocytes, macrophages, B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes using the Wizard® SV Genomic DNA Purification System. The isolated genomic DNA was used to identify blood cells from progenitor transgenic mice by PCR with specific primers to a β-galactosidase transgene.  (3236)

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Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 306, 756–766. Establishment of a hepatitis C virus subgenomic replicon derived from human hepatocytes infected in vitro. 2003

Kato, N., Sugiyama, K., Namba, K., Dansako, H., Nakamura, T., Takami, M., Naka, K., Nozaki, A. and Shimotohnoe, K.

Notes: In this study, the Wizard® SV Genomic DNA Purification System was used to purify genomic DNA from Hepatitis C (HCV)-infected PH5CH8 hepatic cells. The purified genomic DNA was used in PCR to detect HCV-infected cells.  (3016)

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Genes Dev. 17, 1253-1270. In vitro propagation and transcriptional profiling of human mammary stem/progenitor cells. 2003

Dontu, G., Abdallah, W.M., Foley, J.M., Jackson, K.W., Clarke, M.F., Kawamura, M.J. and Wicha, M.S.

Notes: The Wizard® SV Genomic DNA Purification System was used to purify DNA from cultured mammospheres. The mammosphere genomic DNA samples were then used in PCR reactions to amplify Short Tandem Repeats for genetic analysis. (2683)

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