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Nat Chem. Biol. 13, 425–31. AKAP-mediated feedback control of cAMP gradients in developing hippocampal neurons 2016

Gorshkov, K., Mehta, S., Ramamurthy, S., Ronnett, G.V., Zhou, F.-Q. and Zhang, J.

Notes: InCELLect™ AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide and InCELLect™ St-Ht31P Control Peptide were used to determine changes in PKA activity. Differences in the axonal PKA gradient were altered by anchoring to AKAP. (4858)

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Am. J. Physiol. Cell Physiol. 282, 693-707. cAMP-dependent protein kinase and proliferation differ in normal and polycystic kidney epithelia. 2004

Marfella-Scivittaro, C., Quiñones, A. and Orellana, S.A.

Notes: The InCELLect® AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide was used to analyze the effect of protein kinase A (PKA) on cell proliferation of cystic cpk and normal C57 mice primary kidney cells. InCELLect® AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide was added to cultures to a final concentration of 30μM. Various agents were then tested for their ability to induce cell proliferation.  (3176)

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J. Neurosci. 22, 4740-4745. PKA/AKAP/VR-1 Module: A common link of Gs-mediated signaling to thermal hyperalgesia. 2004

Rathee, P.K., Distler, C., Obreja, O., Neuhuber, W., Wang, G.K., Wang, S.Y., Nau, C. and Kress, M.

Notes: In this study, the InCELLect® AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide and InCELLect® St-Ht31 Control Peptide were used in patch-clamp electrophysiology studies on dorsal root ganglia (DRG) isolated from rats. Pre-incubation with the InCELLect® AKAP St-Ht31 Inhibitor Peptide inhibited 10μM forskolin-induced potentiation of DRGs.  (3175)

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