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Adv. Sci. (Weinh) 5, 1800368. Self-triggered apoptosis enzyme prodrug therapy (STAEPT): Enhancing targeted therapies via recurrent bystander killing effect by exploiting caspase-cleavable linker. 2018

Chung, S.W., Choi, J.U., Cho, Y.S., Kim, H.R., Won, T.H., Dimitrion, P., Jeon, O.C., Kim, S.W., Kim, I.S., Kim, S.Y. and Byun, Y.

Notes: Tumors are heterogeneous and contain cells with distinct genetic backgrounds and phenotypes. Targeted cancer therapies can selectively kill specific cancer cells, but due to tumor heterogeneity, many of these therapies fail to have lasting outcomes. Self-triggered apoptosis enzyme prodrug therapy (STAEPT) targets integrin αvβ3 cancer cells, and upon entering cells, is cleaved by caspases. The cleaved cytotoxin is released and leads to neighboring cell apoptosis. The VivoGlo™ Caspase-3/7 Substrate is used to monitor caspase expression in cells. (5140)

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