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HaloLink™ Protein Array System

Analyze Protein:Protein, Protein:Drug or Protein:Nucleic Acid Interactions with HaloTag® Technology

  • Cell-free expression for quick, single-tube production of proteins of interest for the protein array
  • Irreversible binding of captured protein

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HaloLink™ Protein Array System
HaloTag® Standard Protein/30µg
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Analyze Protein:Protein, Protein:Nucleic Acids or Protein:Drug Interactions

Protein arrays enable parallel analysis of multiple protein:protein, protein:drug or protein:nucleic acid interactions. The HaloLink™ Protein Array System provides a way to create homebrew (on-demand) protein arrays by combining innovative HaloTag® technology, surface engineering and cell-free protein expression systems.

The HaloTag® technology offers a quick and convenient way to test protein expression of HaloTag® fusion proteins by labeling with fluorescent HaloTag® TMR Ligand followed by SDS-PAGE analysis. Guidelines can be found in the HaloLink™ Protein Array Technical Manual #TM310.

Features of the HaloLink™ Protein Array: 

  • The protein of interest is immobilized directly from the cell-free expression reaction, eliminating a separate protein purification step.
  • The unique 50-well configuration allows multiple interactions to be studied in parallel without the need for a complex robotic arrayer.
  • Protein G HaloTag® Fusion Protein increases the binding of antibodies to surfaces as compared to direct capture method.


  • Protein:protein interactions
  • Protein:drug interactions
  • Protein:nucleic acid interactions
  • Antibody immobilization


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HaloTag® Standard Protein

G449A 1 × 30μg


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