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Detecting Protein:DNA Interactions: ChIP without Antibodies

In the HaloCHIP™ method, a HaloTag® fusion protein is expressed either transiently or stably in mammalian cells and crosslinked complexes are directly captured from the cellular lysate via covalent binding to a HaloTag®-specific resin. The covalent linkage allows for extensive washing to remove non-specific proteins and DNA, before reversal of the crosslinks to release the bound DNA fragments.

  • Simple, 1-day ChIP protocol, without antibodies.
  • Low Background. HaloTag® covalent capture allows stringent washing compared to antibody-dependent ChIP.
  • Savings compared to conventional ChIP kits, which require the purchase of an untested antibody.

Detecting Protein:DNA Interaction with the HaloCHIP™ System

Rapid Protocol Saves Time Compared to Conventional ChIP Assays


All the Results - Without Searching for an Antibody!

Similar fold enrichment pull-down results were obtained using HaloCHIP™ to pull-down CREB:DNA partners as compared to conventional CREB ChIP.

CREP HaloChIP versus CREB ChIP versus Untransfected

qPCR Data. Conventional (antibody-dependent) ChIP was compared to HaloCHIP for CREB:DNA binding sequences. No significant differences in enrichment patterns were found when comparing known CREB-binding sites: Fos, Jun, and p27.

HaloCHIP™ Captures True Protein:DNA Interactions

There is excellent reproducibility in binding between HaloCHIP™ and conventional antibody-dependent ChIP assays.

CREB ChIP-chip enrichment versus CREB HaloChIP enrichment CREB ChIP-chip enrichment versus CREB Halo-chip enrichment

ChIP-chip data. High-resolution analysis demonstrates nearly identical promoter enrichment profiles for CREB binding when comparing CREB-HaloCHIP™ to CREB-ChIP.

HaloTag® Pull-Down System in the Literature

Hartzell, D.D. et al. (2009) functional analysis of the CREB signaling pathway using HaloCHIP-chip and high throughput reporter assays.
BMC Genomics., 2009; 10: 497.
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