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Nucleic Acid Purification and Quantitation

In today's world of nucleic acid analysis by multiplex and real-time PCR, it’s crucial to purify high-quality nucleic acids from your samples. Once you accomplish that, virtually every downstream assay requires that you quantitate your DNA or RNA before you begin. Understanding how these systems work and then choosing the best chemistry for your application is essential.

Nucleic Acid Quantitation

Molecular Biology Rule #1: Never skip quantitating your nucleic acids. This important step helps you make sure you're ready for your next application. Maybe you'll get lucky, but you risk having to start over when you skip quantitation. No one wants to do that.

A Shakespearian cartoon character in old-fashioned clothes and a mustache lifts a machine with a questionable look on his face

To NanoDrop or Not To NanoDrop?

That is the quantitation question. Check out this webinar to figure out if NanoDrop is right for you.

A scientist in goggles looks at an abacus while a small superhero helps her count by moving beads

Which Quantitation Method is Best for your Project?

This infographic will help you figure it out.

Why Quantitation Matters for NGS

Quantitation matters for everything, of course. With a demanding application like NGS, you'll want everything to run perfectly, and that requires the right quantitation method.

Quantitation Blogs

Did we mention that quantitation is important? That's why our bloggers keep writing posts about quantitation for different applications.

Molecular Biology Lab Guide

From basic DNA purification to the most complicated qPCR experiment, the Molecular Biology Lab Guide can help you make every experiment successful.

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