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As a proud sponsor of iGEM 2019, we provide tools, resources and comprehensive support to iGEM teams looking to make their project a success. Have specific questions about your project? Our scientists are ready to help with anything.

iGEM Ask the Experts Live Q&A Webinar Series

Join us for an exclusive iGEM Ask the Experts Live Q&A Webinar Series where we will answer your questions about ligation, transfection and transformation. Register and submit your questions by May 31, 2019 to guarantee an answer from our experts during one of the webinars.


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Having issues with an experiment? Not sure which assay will give you the answer you're looking for? Want to know more about a technique? Our Technical Support Scientists are here to help!

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Crash Course Q&A

During the 2018 season, a panel of Promega scientists answered questions from iGEM teams about ligation, site-directed mutagenesis and cloning. Watch the recording to hear tips and tricks for successful experiments.

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Advanced Techniques Q&A

Later in the 2018 season, our panel of technical experts delivered a second webinar about advanced techniques, including CRISPR. Watch the recording to hear how they answered questions from iGEM teams. 

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2019 Promega iGEM Grant Winners

Congratulations to the ten Promega iGEM Grant Award Recipients! Head to our Instagram story to see Promega Chairman and CEO Bill Linton announcing the winners, or check out the blog below to learn more about their projects.

Read about the winners


"We aim to provide a comprehensive solution by developing an automated field diagnostic system specific to N. ceranae to work in tandem with the treatment we made last year."

iGEM Bonn

"Our goal is to engineer plants to create ambient light through efficient naturally occurring bioluminescence systems."

Cairo University

"Reducing the concentration of salts in the water, especially NaCl, is our main objective."


"Team MSP aims to broaden the spectrum of surface receptors available by creating a synthetic genetic system which evolves new receptors capable of binding specific, user-defined molecular targets."

Northern BC

"The 2019 Northern BC iGEM Team will address the overdose crisis from a harm reduction perspective, creating an opioid sensor in Saccharomyces cerevisiae that can be used to test non-opioid recreational drugs for opioid contamination prior to consumption."

NUS Singapore

"We plan to extend the exponential phase of bacteria by making them undergo a 'sleep-wake' cycle, controlling the nutrient uptake rate of the bacteria and so extending the overall protein production window."

Sao-Carlos Brazil

"To produce food on a planet as extreme as Mars, we plan to apply synthetic biology tools to engineer a fermenting yeast that is able to amass melanin on its surface to become resistant to ultraviolet radiation."

iGEM Sorbonne Université

"We want to create an alternative way of producing palm oil in a green alga named Chlamydomonas reinhardtii."

Victoria Wellington

"Our goal is to produce a battery that is efficient, safe, and sustainable. Our contribution to renewable energy storage will be to improve an existing glycerol fuel cell."

NYU Abu Dhabi

"The NYUAD iGEM team aims to create a multiplex, affordable, modular, and flexible wearable device that can simultaneously and rapidly screen for multiple food and viral pathogens."

2018 Sponsored Teams

Edinburgh OG

Project Name: Valeris.ED: Bio-based and biodegradable thermoplastics production by Escherichia coli with heterologous polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA).

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iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi

Project Name: Pathogene: A portable, low-cost, microfluidic lab-on-a-chip based device for rapid detection of multiple foodborne pathogens.

View wiki

Makerere Uganda

Project Name: Plastic biodegradation

View wiki

Read feature article: How Can Synthetic Biology Help Us Grow?


Project Name: Man-Cheester: Development of Listeria monocytogenes biosensor for use in cheese starter cultures

View wiki

RDFZ China

Project Name: Xscape

View wiki

Stony Brook

Project Name: The Sucrose Factory

View wiki

Tacoma RAINmakers

Project Name: Ticket or Quit It: Protecting Families from Arsenic Contamination

View wiki

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TecMonterrey GDL

Project Name: Lactobachill: A smart psychobiotic with anxiolytic and antidepressant properties

View wiki

UI Indonesia

Project Name: Finding Diphthy: Utilization of LuxAB-eYFT Resonance Energy Transfer System to Detect Diphtheria Toxin

View wiki

Unesp Brazil

Project Name: Hope: A framework to engineer living therapeutics

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