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Protocols for GloMax® Discover and GloMax® Explorer Systems

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Download the latest version of software for GloMax® Discover here and GloMax® Explorer here.

Follow these steps to install a Promega Protocol:

  1. Download and Save the zip file to your desktop or C-drive and extract all contents.
  2. In the GloMax Discover or Explorer Software, Select Settings, then Administrator.
  3. Select Import Protocol
  4. Select the Drive\ button at the top to view the available drive locations, then select the specific drive to navigate to the protocol file.
  5. Select OK and wait for the file to be imported. A message will appear indicating the import was successful. Click OK when finished.
  6. View the newly imported protocol from within the Protocol screen

GloMax Discover and Explorer Systems come pre-loaded with a variety of Promega assays. As new assays become available you may install them directly into your system by downloading them here.

The following Promega protocols are pre-installed on GloMax Discover and GloMax Explorer Systems (version 3.2.3):

Pre-installed Assay Protocols
ADCC Reporter Bioassay CellTiter 96 AQ ONE** ELISA (450nm)** MultiTox-Glo QuantiFluor dsDNA
ADP-Glo CellTiter-Blue GFP Protein Quantitation NAD(P)H-Glo QuantiFluor ONE dsDNA
ApoLive-Glo CellTiter-Fluor GloSensor cAMP NADP/NADPH-Glo QuantiFluor RNA
Apo-ONE CellTiter-Glo Glucose Uptake-Glo NanoBRET 618** QuantiFluor ssDNA
ApoTox-Glo CellTiter-Green GTPase-Glo Nano-DLR RealTime-Glo
Autophagy HiBiT Reporter Assay Cholesterol/Cholesterol Ester-Glo Glycerol-Glo Nano-Glo RealTime-Glo Annexin V
BacTiter-Glo Chroma-Glo* Kinase-Glo Nano-Glo Endurazine Renilla Luciferase Assay System
BCA Protein Assay** Coumerin/Fluorescein Z-LYTE FRET* Lactate-Glo Nano-Glo Live Cell Renilla-Glo
Bio-Glo CytoTox-Fluor LDH-Glo Nano-Glo Live Cell (NanoBiT) Renilla / YFP BRET**
Bradford Assay** CytoTox-Glo Luciferase Assay System Nano-Glo Vivazine ROS-Glo
Bright-Glo CytoTox-ONE Lumit Immunoassay ONE-Glo Steady-Glo
cAMP-Glo Dual Luciferase Assay Mitochondrial ToxGlo ONE-Glo+Tox Succinate-Glo
Caspase-Glo Dual-Glo MultiTox-Fluor P450-Glo Water-Glo

* GloMax Discover only (GM3000)
** GloMax Explorer only (GM3500)