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Promega Corporation

Quick Consistent and Easy Automated DNA Purification for Drosophila Genotyping



Rachel Mann1, Cynthia Staber2
1Promega Corporation, Madison, WI
2Brown University, Providence, RI

DNA purification from Drosophila melanogaster typically requires time-consuming manual homogenization and careful preparation and handling of multiple reagents and buffers. Variability in overall DNA quality due to an individual's technique and expertise can compromise the results of important downstream applications. Automation of this routine laboratory task improves consistency and frees up valuable researcher time and talent to accelerate the discovery process. The Maxwell®16 System combines compact instrumentation, prefilled reagent cartridges and optimized automated methods to perform DNA purification of 1–16 samples in ~45 minutes with minimum handling. Here we report the utility of Maxwell®16 to automate Drosophila DNA purification from whole animals and body parts for genotyping by PCR and Southern blot.

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