Normalization and Direct Amplification of Casework Samples

Part # PS293


Jeanne M. Bourdeau1, Robert S. McLaren1, Massimiliano Stabile2, Nicola Staiti2, Stella Eugenia Cirillo3, Giampietro Lago2, and Douglas R. Storts1.
1Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd, Madison, WI, 53711;
2Carabinieri RIS Parma, Sez. Biologia, Parma, Italy;
3Università di MilanoBicocca, Milano, Italy

Integration of the prototype Casework Direct Solution Kit into a laboratory workflow scheme provides a rapid, cost-effective means to generate high quality STR profiles from precious, low-abundance samples with minimal hands on time. This kit rapidly generates lysates from casework swabs and fabric cuttings which are compatible with the PowerQuant®System and PowerPlex® STR Systems.
The PowerQuant®System provides valuable workflow information such as the presence/absence of male DNA, degradation, or potential PCR inhibition, as well as normalization for STR reactions. If no inhibition is detected in the PowerQuant®System it is possible to go directly into a PowerPlex®System STR amplification reaction without any DNA purification, while DNA may be purified from lysates containing inhibitorswith Maxwell®16.

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