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Evaluation of Genomic DNA Purification from Human Whole Blood using the Maxwell® CSC

Part # PS171


The Maxwell® CSC Blood DNA kit is Promega’s first cGMP-manufactured nucleic acid purification kit developed for use with the Maxwell® CSC instrument specifically for the clinical diagnostic market. This product is only available in the US and is intended for in vitro diagnostic use as a clinical sample concentrator.

Based on Promega’s proprietary Maxwell® 16 technology, the new Maxwell® CSC Blood DNA Kit has undergone extensive testing for functionality, reliability, reproducibility, cross-contamination, and amplification inhibitor carryover as part of its development. This product was designed to ensure reproducible, reliable performance with no cross-contamination introduced during processing. While the Maxwell® CSC Blood DNA kit is our first offering for the new Maxwell® CSC Instrument, we are currently working on additional nucleic acid extraction systems specifically designed to address the needs of the clinical laboratory.

Extensive design testing of the Maxwell® CSC Blood DNA Kit was performed in combination with the Maxwell® CSC Instrument. Typical results obtained from 300μl whole blood samples (WBC counts between 4x106 and 10x106 WBC/ml) eluted in 50μl showed nucleic acid concentrations ranging from 150ng/μl to 400ng/μl and purities in the range A260/A280 from 1.85-1.95 and A260/A230 from 1.9-2.2. These results
demonstrate the superior performance of this chemistry with whole blood samples and provide assurance of the results you can obtain with this system when it is used in your laboratory.

In this poster we describe a portion of the design verification and validation of this new system.

Printed in USA.