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What kind of
forensic scientist
are you?
Question 1
How many years have you been working as a forensic scientist?
Question 2
What is your favorite thing about your job?
Question 3
When do you find that you are most productive?
Question 4
An unexpected delay means your entire group can't get any work done for a couple hours.
What do you do?
Question 5
Which Scooby Doo character do you most identify with?
Question 6
Which crime TV series character do you most identify with?
Question 7
How many cups of coffee do you have every day?
Question 8
What’s the perfect way to use those vacation days?
Question 9
A mysterious figure steps out of the shadows at night with a small box in their hand and ushers to you, "Keep it secret, keep it safe!" as they set the box down in front of you.
What do you do?
Question 10
Which of these statements best reflects your future career plans?
Caffeinated Squirrel
You got:
Caffeinated Squirrel
You are the stuff your lab director’s dreams are made of; did we just get a dump truck of new samples to analyze? You’re on it, and you thrive under the pressure to work more efficiently. You may sometimes wish your coworkers could pipette as fast as you, but you enjoy their company and are happy to be establishing a good career.
Observant Eagle
You got:
Observant Eagle
You pride yourself on catching all errors, big and small. Writing SOPs is a dream come true. You eat, sleep and breathe quality, and your attention to detail landed you a position of importance. Others respect and look up to you because you sweat the small stuff.
Queen Bee
You got:
Queen Bee
You lead others efficiently with honey and enjoy working collaboratively, but when that deadline is drawing near, you know how to send the right signals to get things done. Your enthusiasm and organization inspire and motivate others to do their best work. You are the centerpiece to a thriving swarm of forensic scientists.
Surefooted Giant
You got:
Surefooted Giant
Speed is a strategical decision at the sacrifice of quality, and your position demands accuracy. You consistently deliver that accuracy—one might say you carry the weight of the lab on your back. You dislike unreasonable expectations with deadlines, but you’ll stay true to your genial pursuit of precision.
Eager Beaver
You got:
Eager Beaver
You are well steeped in the latest crime TV series, and you’re the person everyone wants on their trivia team. You’re beginning your career and you’re excited about the abundance of opportunities in the forensic field. The future is far off, but you know you’re going to make a big impact somehow.
Curious Cat
You got:
Curious Cat
If there is ever a technical question, you are the person everyone turns to. You eagerly pore yourself over the writings of John M. Butler and other literary geniuses alike. You stay current on the latest advances in the field and have high ambitions for yourself.
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