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Monitor the Ratio of Live and Dead Cells Within a Population MultiTox Fluor Multiplex Cytotoxicity Assay

Andrew L. Niles1, Richard A. Moravec1, Michael Scurria2, William Daily2, Laurent Bernad2, Brian McNamara1, Pam Guthmiller1, Kay Rashka1, Deborah Lange1, Michele Arduengo1, and Terry L. Riss1
1Promega Corporation, 2Promega Biosciences, Inc.
Publication Date: 2006


Here we report the development of a novel, homogeneous, single-addition reagent that allows researchers to measure the relative number of live and dead cells in culture wells. This assay technology gives ratiometric, inversely proportional values of viability and cytotoxicity that are useful for normalizing data to cell number. Lastly, this reagent is fully compatible with additional fluorescent and luminescent chemistries.

Promega Notes 94, 22–26.