HaloTag® Protein Purification System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
G6270, G6280

Literature # TM312

The HaloTag® Protein Purification System is based on a unique tag, the HaloTag® protein, which allows covalent, efficient and specific capture of the proteins expressed in E. coli as N-terminal HaloTag® fusion proteins. The HaloTag® protein is a mutated hydrolase  that covalently attaches to the HaloLink™ Resin via an immobilized chloroalkane. The HaloTag® Protein Purification System allows stringent washing because of the covalent attachment of the HaloTag® protein to the resin. TEV Protease cleaves the target protein from the HaloTag® protein which is bound to the HaloLink™ Resin. Next, the TEV Protease, which has an N-terminal (HQ)5 tag, is removed from the protein of interest using the HisLink™ Resin, and the purified protein of interest is recovered.

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