Stability Testing of Casework Direct Lysate

Bob McLaren, Doug Wieczorek and Anupama Gopalakrishnan Promega Corporation, 2800 Woods Hollow Rd., Madison, WI 53711
Publication Date: June 2020


This white paper presents the results of long-term storage testing at 4°C and 28°C, as well as freeze-thaw studies, of lysates prepared with the Casework Direct Kit (CWD). We included representatives of the most challenging sample types, such as screening samples and touch DNA samples. Depending on sample types typically encountered, we recommend labs conduct their own internal validation studies to determine the optimal stability and storage of CWD lysates.

Note: The Casework Direct System (Cat.# DC4560, DC4561) replaces the custom version of the Casework Direct Kit, Custom (Cat.# AX4560). No changes have been made to the product composition and, therefore, no performance changes are expected during the migration of the product from the custom to catalog version.

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