Cell Line Authentication Using the GenePrint® 10 and GenePrint® 24 Systems


This Application Note includes an overview of the process for cell line authentication, describes best practices for determining cell line identity, and presents methods and results using the GenePrint® Systems for STR amplification and the Spectrum Compact CE System for analysis.

Cell line authentication is expected for grant applications submitted to the NIH and required for publication in many scientific journals. STR analysis is a simple, definitive process used for authenticating cell lines that assures researchers about the integrity and reproducibility of their data. The Spectrum Compact CE System, paired with the STR-based GenePrint® cell line authentication reagents, provides in-lab cell line authentication. The low- to medium-throughput instrument offers small batch processing and minimizes reagent waste to accommodate individual labs or small lab clusters. And the sensitivity achieved with the Spectrum Compact CE System can help identify cell line cross-contamination before starting your experiments, preventing any negative consequences for your publications and reputation.