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HaloTag® Mammalian Pull-Down and Labeling Systems Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
G6500, G6504

Literature # TM342

The HaloTag® Mammalian Pull-Down System (Cat.# G6504) is used to isolate and identify intracellular protein complexes from mammalian cells. HaloTag® fusion proteins form a highly specific and covalent bond with the HaloLink™ Resin, allowing rapid and efficient capture of dilute protein complexes. These benefits, coupled with the low nonspecific protein binding features of the HaloLink™ Resin, improve the rate of successful complex capture and identification from mammalian cells. The HaloTag® Mammalian Pull-Down and Labeling System (Cat.# G6500) also includes the HaloTag® TMRDirect™ Ligand, which allows the study of cellular localization, trafficking and protein turnover using the same HaloTag® genetic construct.

Summary of Changes
The 8/15 version of this document was revised to update document formatting and web addresses. 

Printed in USA. Revised 8/15.