ReliaPrep™ LV 32 HSM Instrument Technical Manual

Literature # TM326

The ReliaPrep™ Large Volume Heater Shaker Magnet Instrument (ReliaPrep™ LV 32 HSM) is designed to perform all of the functions necessary for the processing of magnetic resin-based purifications in common 50ml conical tubes. With its ability to heat, shake and apply a magnetic field, the ReliaPrep™ LV 32 HSM Instrument provides all-in-one processing capabilities for a variety of large-volume purification chemistries in either a manual or automated format. The instrument uses standard 50ml conical tubes, magnets and reagent-based paramagnetic particles (PMPs). The PMPs provide a mobile solid phase that optimizes capture, washing and elution of biological target molecules.

Printed in USA. Revised 3/13.