PowerPlex® S5 System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
DC6950, DC6951
Literature # TMD021

The PowerPlex® S5 System allows co-amplification and detection of five loci (four STR loci and Amelogenin), including D8S1179, D18S51, Amelogenin, FGA and TH01. One primer specific for each of Amelogenin, D18S51 and D8S1179 loci is labeled with fluorescein (FL) and one primer specific for each of the TH01 and FGA loci is labeled with 6-carboxy-4′,5′-dichloro-2′,7′-dimethoxy-fluorescein (JOE). All five loci are amplified simultaneously in a single tube and analyzed in a single injection. The PowerPlex® S5 System provides all of the materials necessary for amplification of these loci and is compatible with the ABI PRISM® 310, 3100 and 3100-Avant and Applied Biosystems 3130 and 3130xl Genetic Analyzers.

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