PowerPlex® 18D System Technical Manual

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
DC1802, DC1808
Literature # TMD031

The PowerPlex® 18D System allows co-amplification and four-color fluorescent detection of eighteen loci, including D3S1358, TH01, D21S11, D18S51, Penta E, D5S818, D13S317, D7S820, D16S539, CSF1PO, Penta D, Amelogenin, vWA, D8S1179, TPOX, FGA, D19S433 and D2S1338. The PowerPlex® 18D System provides all materials necessary to amplify STR regions of genomic DNA, including a hot-start, nonproofreading thermostable DNA polymerase. The system is optimized for analysis of common database samples, such as unwashed FTA® card punches (i.e., direct amplification). Additionally, thermal cycling time is reduced from previous PowerPlex® protocols. The PowerPlex® 18D System is compatible with the ABI PRISM® 3100 and 3100-Avant and Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers.

Summary of Changes
The following changes were made to the 5/16 version of this document:

  1. The kit component CC5 Internal Lane Standard 500 was replaced with the WEN Internal Lane Standard 500. Instructions were updated throughout the document for use of this new internal lane standard.
  2. The artifacts table in Section 6.L was updated.
  3. Other general updates were incorporated.

Printed in USA. Revised 5/16.