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TNT® T7 Insect Cell Extract System Protocol

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
L1101, L1102

Literature # TM305

The TNT® T7 Insect Cell Extract Protein Expression System is a convenient, quick, single-tube, coupled transcription/translation system for cell-free expression of proteins. It uses the TNT® technology to allow both transcription and translation to occur in a single reaction. The protein synthesis reactions are initiated by adding a DNA template, eliminating the need for the time-consuming process of in vitro RNA synthesis and increasing protein yield.
The extract is made from the commonly used Spodoptera frugiperda Sf21 cell line. All components necessary for the transcription/translation reaction have been added to the extract and are present in the TNT® T7 ICE Master Mix. To begin protein synthesis, just add the DNA template. This format simplifies and reduces the time required to set up reactions. Reactions are incubated at 28–30°C and are complete within 4 hours.

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