Epidermal Growth Factor, Human, Recombinant and Murine Receptor Grade Product Information

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Literature # 9PIG502

Epidermal Growth Factor, Human, Recombinant (rhEGF) is a 6.2kDa protein that is mitogenic for a variety of mammalian cell types. EGF stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of epithelial cells from skin, the cornea, lung and tracheal tissue and the gastrointestinal tract. EGF also promotes growth and migration of keratinocytes and enhances the proliferation of fibroblasts and embryonic cells. Thus, EGF plays an important role in wound healing and organogenesis. In addition to its proliferative effects, EGF demonstrates a variety of other bioactivities, including effects on cytoskeletal organization, cell migration and the synthesis and turnover of extracellular matrix molecules. Additionally, EGF promotes bone resorption by enhancing the release of calcium from bone tissue.

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