pGL4.21[luc2P/Puro] Vector Product Information

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Literature # 9PIE676

The pGL4.21[luc2P/Puro] Vector encodes the luciferase reporter gene luc2P (Photinus pyralis) and is designed for high expression and reduced anomalous transcription. This vector also contains a mammalian selectable marker for puromycin resistance in which the number of transcription factor binding sites has been reduced and mammalian codon usage optimized. This vector is engineered with fewer consensus regulatory sequences for reduced background and a decreased risk of anomolous transcription and has a synthetic reporter gene, which has been codon optimized for mammalian expression. The pGL4.21[luc2P/Puro] Vector is a basic vector with no promoter. However, it contains a multiple cloning region that allows cloning of a promoter of choice. The luc2P reporter gene contains hPEST, a protein destabilization sequence. The protein encoded by luc2P responds more quickly and with greater magnitude to changes in transcriptional activity than the luc2 gene, its more stable counterpart.

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