DNA IQ™ System—Small Sample Casework Protocol

Instructions for Use of Product(s)
DC6700, DC6701

Literature # TB296

The DNA IQ™ System uses a novel technology with magnetic particles to prepare clean samples for short tandem repeat (STR) analysis easily and efficiently. Using the DNA IQ™ System to process small casework samples requires two steps. For biological material on solid supports, the first step provides an easy, rapid, efficient and almost universal stain extraction method. This step is unnecessary for liquid samples. The second step uses the paramagnetic resin to purify DNA without requiring extensive washing to remove the lysis reagent. This system is designed to rapidly purify small quantities of DNA and give consistent yields for a specific sample type.

There are two protocols available for use with the DNA IQ™ System. The complete protocol linked below provides instructions for processing small casework samples. A second protocol for database samples is also available from the choices in the menu along the right margin.

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