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LCN Summaries

Publication Date: 2010
At the 20th International Symposium on Human Identification, prominent figures in the DNA typing field were asked to respond to a subset of specific questions posed during the low copy number (LCN) session. Listed below are links to the questions posed and the panelists' responses. This list will be updated as additional LCN summaries are published.

Questions Posed During the LCN Session at the 20th International Symposium on Human Identification

What is LCN?—Definitions and Challenges by Charlotte Word

Scientific Issues with Analysis of Low Amounts of DNA by John M. Butler and Carolyn R. Hill

Low Copy Number Analysis From a Legal Perspective by Brad Leventhal

LCN DNA Analysis: Limitations Prevent 'General Acceptance' by Angela van Daal

Low Copy Number Typing Still Lacks Robustness and Reliability by Bruce Budowle

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