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Promega Corporation

Mobile, Desktop, and Web Apps for the Lab

Helix® by Promega

Access to Promega’s on-site stocking program, Helix®, is now even more convenient via the new Helix® mobile app. Looking for a specific product or freezer nearby? This app allows you to locate on-site units, search available products, view reagent info, and make a purchase.

The Helix® mobile app requires current registration for the Helix® program. Visit www.promega.com to register for access to Helix®. Email helix@promega.com with questions.

Promega Colony Counter

The Promega Colony Counter app provides a fast and easy way to count colonies on agar plates. Take a picture of a plate, and the colonies are automatically counted within seconds. Results can be quickly refined by marking additional colonies and masking reflections.

  • Count one plate or average counts across a set of plates.
  • Zoom in on plate quadrants to easily adjust counts.
  • Manually mark additional colonies or remove false positives.
  • Store plate images and count data indefinitely.

Restriction Enzyme Tool

Search for restriction enzymes by name, recognition sequence or overhang. Explore compatible enzymes for double digests quickly, without having to select each individually.

  • Search over 400 restriction enzymes
  • View detailed information, including recognition sequence, overhang, incubation temperature and percent activity in Promega buffers
  • Easily find suitable buffers for double digests

Promega Biomath Calculators

Perform everyday lab calculations with a single app. The Biomath Calculators provide a range of functions essential to molecular biology experiments, including nucleic acid and protein conversions, melting temperature, temperature conversion, molarity and dilution calculations.

  • Calculate melting temperature of Oligonucleotides
  • Single-step molarity and dilution calculations
  • DNA and protein concentration conversions
  • And more...

Promega Protocols

The Promega Protocols app allows you to select and run protocols for a range of Promega kits. You can add notes and use timers during the protocol run, edit Promega Protocols to create your own custom protocols, or enter your own protocols and save them locally on your iOS device.

  • Save records of protocol runs
  • Add notes to protocol steps
  • Create customized versions of Promega protocols
  • Enter your own protocols
  • Export (e-mail) a pdf file summarizing the details of completed protocols

Promega DNArcade

Promega DNArcade is a simple, fun, and fast-paced action game. Players race against the clock to score points by activating multi-colored DNA bases. Activating the different bases results in scoring points, extending time or earning mega points while speeding things up.

Game includes a live high scoreboard of the top 20 players around the world. Up to the challenge?
See if you can make the list!

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