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Fifth Annual Conference of the International Chemical Biology Society 

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Memorial Union.
  •  Monday, October 24, 2016 – Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Memorial Union Madison WI
Featuring a plenary talk by Dr. Keith Wood, Promega. With lead author Matt Robers, Dr. Wood and team published the first method to directly assess the dynamic process of target engagement and drug residence time in live cancer cells (Nature Communications, December 2015, Vol. 6.)
Keith Wood
Interrogating Intracellular Target Engagement: Novel Approaches for Target Identification and Compound Characterization
Presented by: Dr. Keith Wood, Head of Research – Advanced Technology Group,
and Sr. Research Fellow, Promega
Tue Oct 25, 11:00-11:30am
Visit us to learn about new products for your research:
  • NanoLuc® technology for genetic and protein reporter applications as well as Target Engagement
  • Kinase inhibitor screening applications
  • Real-time assays for viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis detection

Visit these Posters and meet our exceptional scientists!
Jim Vasta
NanoBRET™ Target Engagement Technology for Kinases
Presented by: Jim Vasta, Research Scientist
Abstract #25730
Robin Hurst
Generation of Functional, Site Specific and Quantitatively Labeled Growth Factors to Interrogate Receptor-Ligand Interactions by BRET
Presented by: Robin Hurst, Sr. Research Scientist
Abstract #25741
Kristin Huwiler
Measuring Intracellular Target Engagement via BRET at Histone Deacetylases and Bromodomains
Presented by: Kristin Huwiler, Sr. Product Development Specialist
Abstract #25735
Rachel Friedman
Deconvolution of Targets for Small Molecules Using a Palladium-Cleavable Capture Tag
Presented by: Rachel Friedman Ohana, Sr. Research Scientist
Abstract #25513

ICBS will Feature Three Keynote Speakers:
Keynote - Us versus Them: Microbial Glycans as Cellular ID Cards
Professor Laura Kiessling
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Sponsored by ACS Chemical Biology
Keynote - Regulation of Inflammation and Cell Death by RIPK1
Professor Junying Yuan
Harvard Medical School
Sponsored by AbbVie
Keynote - Expanding Protein Function Through Synthetic Chemistry
Professor Kai Johnsson
École Polytechnique
Fédérale de Lausanne
You might also be interested in this event immediately following ICBS
Assay Guidance Workshop for High Throughput Screening and Lead Discovery
Only $100
Register Today!
(space is limited)
Participants will receive a broad, practical perspective on assay development so that they can (1) improve research projects involving high throughput screening/lead discovery and know where to find further information (2) identify reagents, methods and instrumentation that are well suited to robust assays (3) be able to develop robust assays and counter assays for new targets. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to seek practical advice about individual research challenges.

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