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Promega SOT 2020 Virtual Booth

May 13 - June 30, 2020

Because we won’t be able to meet you in person at our booth this year, we’re bringing our booth to you. Explore our virtual booth for new products, instruments, posters, online presentation and resources.

New Products

Missing the conference doesn't mean you’ll miss out on new products. Learn how our newest assays can help you save time in the lab!

Lipid Metabolism Assays

Having trouble extracting and quantitating lipids from your biological samples for NASH or NAFLD research? Learn about our new Triglyceride-Glo™ Assay that does not require organic extraction. Based on established detection chemistry, the lipid metabolism assays help you simplify sample preparation steps and obtain quantifiable data. The similar Glycerol-Glo™ Assay and Cholesterol/Cholesterol Ester-Glo™ Assay support lipid metabolism studies in many types of biological samples.

Add-Mix-Measure Immunoassays for Cytokine Detection

Now you can directly measure IL-1β, IL-6 and other markers of inflammation directly on cell culture samples—no transfer or wash steps needed! Learn about the ready-made options available for your lab.

Instrument Demos

GloMax Discover System Multimode Plate Reader

GloMax® Discover Microplate Reader
State-of-the-art luminescence, fluorescence, UV-visible absorbance, BRET and FRET detection

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Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument
High-quality nucleic acid purification with minimal steps and less hands-on time

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Poster Presentations


Homogeneous, Bioluminescent Cytokine Assay Applied to a Monocyte Activation Test for Pyrogen Detection

Presented by Dr. Martha O’Brien, Sr Research Scientist

Download the Poster


Bioluminescent Assays for Investigating Insulin Action and Steatosis

Presented by Dr. Mike Valley, Sr Research Scientist

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Online Presentation


Lumit™ Immunoassays: Sensitive and Homogeneous Analyte Detection Using Labeled Antibodies

Presented by Dr. Dan Lazar, Senior Research Scientist 2 and Group Leader

New Lumit™ proximity immunoassays use complementary antibodies (or other affinity reagents) labeled with NanoBiT® subunits (LgBiT and SmBiT). Binding to analyte brings these subunits into proximity, generating a luminescent signal proportional to analyte levels.

  • Simple, add-and-read protocols
  • No sample transfer, washes or dilutions
  • Broad dynamic range

Register to view this on-demand webinar and learn how to implement Lumit™ assays in your lab, including examples for cytokine detection, signaling pathway analysis and FcRn binding.

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Online Resources

Have questions about choosing or implementing in vitro tox assays? Need recommendations for nucleic acid sample preparation and analysis?

Contact Tech Serv with your questions, or explore our online resources below to learn how we can support your research:

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