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AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) 2019

Visit us at Booth #3412

  •  Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA.
  •  Friday, March 29, 2019 – Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Featured Products and Technologies

  • Functional bioassays to accelerate immunotherapy drug development
  • MSI analysis for immune-oncology
  • ccfDNA, miRNA and FFPE nucleic acid extraction
  • Real-time viability, cytotoxicity and apoptosis assays for 3D
  • Autophagy, inflammation and metabolism
  • Kinase biology
  • Targeted protein degradation
  • Protein:Protein interactions
  • NGS sample prep and QC

Learn More About Instrumentation Solutions

Spectrum Compact

Spectrum Compact: One compact CE system optimized for a broad range of applications

GloMax Discover

GloMax® Discover: State-of-the-art luminescence, fluorescence, UV-visible absorbance, BRET and FRET detection

Maxwell RSC 48

Maxwell® RSC 48: High precision nucleic acid purification with prefilled cartridges and preprogrammed methods

Scientific Poster Presentations for Cancer Biology, AACR 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019 / 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Section 32

Poster 14

Real-time Apoptosis and Necrosis Detection in 3D Spheroid Cell Models
Andrew Niles

Monday, April 1, 2019 / 8:00am – 12:00pm

Section 9

Poster 9

New Bioluminescent Strategies to Measure Kinetics of Immune Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity
Maggie Bach

Section 10

Poster 12

Improved T Cell Activation Bioassays for Development of Bispecific Antibodies and Engineered T Cell Immunotherapies
Brad Swanson

Monday, April 1, 2019 / 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Section 35

Poster 7

A Comparison of Microsatellite Instability Analysis Methods for Detection of Mismatch Repair Deficiency
Samantha Lewis

Section 33

Poster 22

Measuring DNA Quantity, FFPE Degradation, and Genomic DNA Contamination of ccfDNA in a Single Assay
Trista Schagat

Section 25

Poster 17

Bridging MOA-based Reporter Bioassays with PBMC-based ADCC for Immunotherapy Drug Development
Mei Cong

Section 5

Poster 25

Novel Substrates for NanoLuc Luciferase with Improved Brightness and Signal Duration for Bioluminescence Imaging In Vivo
Joel Walker

Section 13

Poster 2

Monitoring AMP Concentration, The Universal Product of Diverse Enzymatic Reactions
Said Goueli

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 / 8:00am – 12:00pm

Section 13

Poster 15

Development of Novel Cell-based Bioassays for the Development of Biologics Targeting LAG-3 and PD-1xLAG-3
Jamison Grailer

Section 22

Poster 4

A Novel Bioluminescent Assay for the Selective Detection of Target Cell Killing in Mixed Cultures
Brock Binkowski

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 / 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Section 24

Poster 16

Quantitative Cell-based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Immune Checkpoint Receptors
Gopal Krishnan

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 / 8:00am – 12:00pm

Section 38

Poster 15

Sensitive Bioluminescent Assays for Monitoring Changes in Tumor and Immune Cell Metabolism
Donna Leippe

Section 14

Poster 19

Using Reporter-based Bioassays and Engineered TNFα and VEGF+ Target Cells to Measure Fc-mediated ADCC and CDC Activity of anti-TNFα and anti-VEGF Therapeutic Antibodies
Chris Heid

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