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The Y‐Chromosome in the Forensic Laboratory: Sexing, Profiling and Matching Male DNA

Y-Chromosome Workshop Singapore

  •  Health Sciences Authority
     HSA Auditorium, Level 1
     11 Outram Road
     Singapore 169078.
  •  Tuesday, November 26, 2019 – Thursday, November 28, 2019



Prof. Lutz Roewer
Head and Associate Professor of Forensic Genetics
Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Charité University Hospital
Berlin, Germany

Lutz Roewer studied biochemistry at the University of Leipzig (Germany) and received his Ph.D. for molecular biology at the Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany) in 1991. His is currently an Associate Professor for Forensic Genetics at the Institute of Legal Medicine, Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany) and Director of the Department of Forensic Genetics at this institute.

Dr. Roewer has worked as a forensic expert since 1987. He is a specialist in the field of Y-chromosome genetics and its forensic, genealogical and anthropological applications. He is currently curator of the Y Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database (YHRD). He is member of the editorial boards of the journals, International Journal of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science International: Genetics. He has been a member of the SWGDAM Y-STR committee for the past 5 years. Dr. Roewer has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, and publishes regular reviews and chapters in various textbooks.

Additional information on the workshop

Today, Y chromosome haplotypes are used to assist forensic investigations in a broad range of casework, either for rapid sexing of traces, for the identification and profiling of masked male DNA component(s) in mixtures with an excess of female DNA, for tracing male lineages in relationship testing or for analyzing the deep-rooting ancestry of unidentified corpses or unknown trace donors.

The workshop will review the currently available markers, kits and techniques which are used by forensic analysts to generate informative Y chromosome profiles from biological evidence. Like any forensic DNA analysis, judging the significance of a trace-suspect match based on Y haplotypes depends upon the population frequency of the profile. Since Y chromosomes are shared by patrilineal relatives on the family level and geographically structured on the population level new probabilistic methods which take a mutation model and the phylogeny of haplotypes into consideration are needed.

The workshop will discuss why probabilistic methods such as the Discrete Laplace method (DL) are favored over frequency estimation by counting and how LR-based reports are presented in the courtroom. The YHRD, its structure (with a focus on the large Asian proportion), maintenance, data validation processes, submission rules and tools (Mixture, Kinship, DL, Validator and AMOVA) will be covered.

Another focus of the workshop is the use of Y-SNPs in combination with Y-STRs for the inference of the biogeographical origin of an unknown male person. This can be done with comparably high precision due to the availability of a robust phylogenetic tree, haplotype data mining strategies as DL and large collections of reference samples accompanied by geographical, ethnic and linguistic metadata.

Recent crime cases where Y-based ancestry prediction has provided important investigative leads will be presented. A substantial part of the workshop will be devoted to casework experience. Together with the group we will analyze case examples using YHRD based computation, population data and profiles. Finally, current interpretation guidelines for Y-Chromosome STR typing by forensic laboratories in Germany and the US will be introduced and compared.



Registration starts from 8:30am

Workshop (Session I): 9 am to 12pm

Lunch Break: 12pm to 1:30pm

Workshop (Session II): 1:30 pm to 5pm



26th Nov (Tuesday)


27th Nov (Wednesday)


28th Nov (Thursday)

Forensic Y-STR and Y-SNP markers

Fair Match Statistics for Y-STR Haplotypes

Various Case Scenarios and Training for Court-going Experts

Registration starts from 8:30 am

9 am to 12 pm

Break: 10:30 am to 10:45 am

Fundamentals of Y-STR typing

Mutation rates used to classify Y-STR polymorphisms (slow, moderate, rapid)

Fundamentals of Y-SNP typing

Fragment analysis, mini-sequencing and MPS to detect Y-STR/Y-SNP variability

Current Y-STR reporting guidelines (Germany, USA, ISFG)

Match probability – counting, extrapolation, simulation

Use of population data (subpopulation, metapopulation, suspect population)

The Discrete Laplace method (DL)

Mixture analysis using YHRD

Kinship analysis using YHRD

Ancestry prediction using DL and SNPs

Use of YHRD to infer ancestry

12 pm to 1:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm to 5 pm

Break: 3 pm to 3:15 pm

The YHRD 4.0 – directions for use

Open Discussion / Q&A

Use of the YHRD to calculate match probabilities

LR-based reporting of Y-STR results

Open Discussion / Q&A


Open Discussion / Q&A

Targeted Participants: Registration is only open for AFSN workgroup members
Workshop Requirement: Laptop or tablet computer for analysis of case examples
Course Fees: Complimentary

Hotel Accomodation
Dorsett Singapore
333 New Bridge Road, Singapore 088765
10-min walk to HSA
Tel: +65 6678 8333
Website: www.dorsetthotels.com/singapore/
Room Category Room with Breakfast & WIFI Access (Corporate)
Single Occupancy Double Occupancy

Dorsett Room

S$200.00++ S$220.00++

Deluxe Room

S$220.00++ S$240.00++

For room reservation at this hotel, please write in to Dennis Lim <dennis.lim@dorsetthotels.com> and quote "Promega" to enjoy the group room rate and enquire on room availability.

Walking Map from Dorsett Singapore to Health Science Authority:

Registration Closing Date: 30th September, 2019

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