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SEMINARIO “NanoBiT Complementation Reporter Provides Accurate Assessment of Intracellular Protein Interactions under Physiological Conditions”

  • Aula ERACLITO, MBC Torino - via Nizza, 52 - TO.
  •  Monday, November 9, 2015
  •  11:00 AM–1:00 PM (CET: Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm)


Promega Italia invites you to Seminar “NanoBiT Complementation Reporter Provides Accurate Assessment of Intracellular Protein Interactions under Physiological Conditions" presented by dr. Keith Wood of Promega Corporation, hosted in Turin at MBC.

Protein-fragment complementation assays (PCAs) are widely used for investigating protein interactions. However, the fragments used are structurally compromised and have not been optimized nor thoroughly characterized for accurately assessing these interactions. We took advantage of the small size and bright luminescence of NanoLuc to engineer a new complementation reporter (NanoBiT). By design, the NanoBiT subunits (i.e., 1.3 kDa peptide, 18 kDa polypeptide) weakly associate so that their assembly into a luminescent complex is dictated by the interaction characteristics of the target proteins onto which they are appended.   Using a combination of biochemical and cellular models, we have demonstrated that NanoBiT accurately reflects the binding affinity and association kinetics of intracellular protein interactions.  Moreover, the response dynamics are robust to experimental conditions, providing reliable data over a broad range of temperatures and gene expression levels.  Our characterization of the intrinsic properties of NanoBiT establish its general suitability for analysis of intracellular protein interactions under physiological conditions.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Dr. Wood will be at disposal of the participants to answer questions on research projects in progress or future.

PLEASE REGISTER WITHIN NOVEMBER 4TH (marketing.it@promega.com)

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