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European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) 2021 Resources

Check out our many new products, technologies, and instrumentation to advance your genomics research.

New Technology

Rapid, Extraction-Free Viral Sample Preparation for RT-qPCR Amplification


Direct nucleic acid amplification from a sample can simplify your workflow and speed your time to results. The new XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents provide a fast, RNA extraction‐free method to prepare viral samples for PCR‐based amplification. This simple, fast sample preparation method is cost-effective and can be applied across a variety of sample types such as viruses, FFPE, saliva, blood, and plants.

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Join us for a webinar:

“A Direct Route to Results: Simplifying Nucleic Acid Workflows with Direct Amplification,” featuring XpressAmp™

Presented by:
Melanie Preston, Sr. Applications Scientist


Now Available!


Spectrum Compact CE System

An affordable, flexible benchtop capillary electrophoresis instrument that gives you the independence to perform Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis at your convenience.

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XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents

Provides a fast, RNA extraction-free method to prepare viral samples for PCR-based amplification using commonly available RT-qPCR reagents.

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ProNex® Size-Selective Purification System

Rapid and efficient magnetic resin-based purification of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) for next-generation sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and general molecular biology applications.

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ProNex® NGS Library Quant Kit

Determine the concentration of next generation sequencing libraries compatible with Illumina platforms using qPCR.

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Circulating Cell-Free DNA (ccfDNA)

You can automate ccfDNA extraction from plasma with the new Maxwell® RSC ccfDNA Plasma Kit or high-throughput  Maxwell® HT ccfDNA Kit.

Register for the 3-Part ccfDNA Webinar Series to learn more about the use of ccfDNA research and techniques to maximize results.

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Our easy-to-use nucleic acid purification reagents cover a full range of sample throughput needs—from manual solutions through benchtop automation, with our Maxwell and Maxprep Systems to plate-based systems for high-throughput processing. Learn about automated DNA and RNA extraction from FFPE samples, and miRNA purification from tissue, plasma or serum.

Clinical Research

The MSI gold standard research tool is now a CE-marked IVD assay

The OncoMate™ MSI Dx System is a clinical diagnostic tool for molecular oncology laboratories to determine a tumor’s Microsatellite Instability (MSI) status. The system is designed to provide physicians with a functional, molecular measurement of the level of DNA mismatch repair deficiency demonstrated within their patient’s tumor. The OncoMate™ MSI Dx System offers actionable results that can be used clinically as described by a multitude of global clinical guidelines to better inform potential immunotherapy decisions and assist in the diagnosis of hereditary cancer syndromes, like Lynch Syndrome.

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Overview of the OncoMate™ MSI Dx Analysis System Workflow



New CE System for Fragment Analysis and Sanger Sequencing

The Spectrum Compact CE System is a Sanger sequencing instrument used in oncology research applications for molecular profiling of cancers. It can be used to detect and verify the presence of mutant alleles in tumor tissue.

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GloMax Discover System Multimode Plate Reader

High-Performance Microplate Reader

GloMax® plate readers have high sensitivity and wide dynamic range, so you can accurately detect high and low signals on the same plate. Easily detect luminescence, fluorescence, absorbance, BRET and FRET with the touch of a button!

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Benchtop Automated Nucleic Acid Purification

Maxwell® Instruments are compact, automated nucleic acid purification platforms that process up to 48 samples simultaneously. Get high-quality nucleic acid purification with minimal steps and less hands-on time!

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Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Virus Via Novel Direct Amplification Methods
Presented by: Curtis Knox

Download the poster

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GoTaq® Rapid Master Mix - Accelerating Endpoint PCR
Presented by: Adam Waite

Download the poster

Microsatellite Instability Analysis and NGS with Fragmented Sample Types
Presented by: Curtis Knox

Download the poster

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Comparative Purification Methodologies and Synthetic Long-Read Sequencing for Fecal Microbiome Identification
Presented by: Curtis Knox

Download the poster

Extraction of High Molecular Weight (HMW) Genomic DNA for Long-Read NGS Applications
Presented by: Andy Zegers

Download the poster

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Novel, sequential purification of nucleic acids from a plasma sample with elution into separate ccfDNA and miRNA tubes
Presented by: Douglas Horejsh

Download the poster

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Human Mixture Sample Analysis on the Spectrum Compact CE System
Presented by: Leta Steffen

Download the poster

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Spectrum Compact CE System – A Personal, Benchtop Capillary Electrophoresis Device
Presented by: Bob McLaren

Download the poster

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