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Drug Discovery Chemistry 2022

April 18 - 21, 2022

Hilton Bayfront
San Diego CA

Drug Discovery Chemistry is an event focused on the discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates. Check out the products and technologies we are featuring at DDC 2022.

Targeted Protein Degradation

Explore 150+ CRISPR-edited cell lines for studying protein degradation targets, and services for custom cell-line development and protein degradation profiling.

Study protein degradation in real time using CRISPR knock-in cell lines. Read the White Paper.

Targeted Protein Degradation

RAS Signaling Pathways

RAS is the most frequently mutated oncogene in human cancers, and KRAS is the most frequently mutated subtype of the RAS family. Discover assays and technologies to probe RAS and KRAS biology, including target engagement, protein:protein interactions, protein levels and activation of ERK.

RAS Pathway Drug Discovery

Kinase Biology

Bioluminescent assays can help determine the ability of compounds to bind or inhibit kinases in biochemical and cellular formats, and are amenable to high-throughput or selectivity profiling.  NanoBRET Target Engagement Assays enable you to quantify live-cell target engagement to quantitate compound affinity and residence time, and calculate cellular compound permeability. 

Kinase Biology for Drug Discovery

Protein:Protein Interactions

The extreme brightness and small size of NanoLuc® luciferase make it possible to label proteins with less risk of interfering with natural function, detecting protein interactions in live cells under native conditions.

NanoLuc® Technologies for PPI

Fast, No-Wash Lumit™ Immunoassays

Quantify proteins or small molecules without tedious wash steps! Our homogeneous Lumit™ Immunoassays are sensitive, have broad dynamic range and can be completed in 70 minutes or less.

View Lumit™ Immunoassays

Assay Development Services

Our Tailored R&D Solutions team provides custom services to help  accelerate your small molecule drug discovery and development. These comprehensive services are built around award-winning bioluminescent technology for sensitive, high-throughput and biologically relevant results.

Learn More About Tailored R&D Solutions

Posters & Presentations

All scientific posters will be available for download following the presentation of the final poster on April 21.


BRET Probes for Profiling Reversible Engagement of RAS in Live Cells
Presented by: Joel Walker
Thursday, April 21 | 12:40 pm

View PDF Presentation

Scientific Posters

NanoBRET as a Live Cell Method to Assess PROTAC Affinity & Intracellular Availability for E3 Ligases
Presented by: Kara Machleidt
View PDF Presentation

Broad Spectrum Cellular Kinase Selectivity Profiling in Live Cells with NanoBRET™ Technology
Presented by: Kara Machleidt
View PDF Presentation

Reversible Switch-II Pocket Engagement Across KRAS Hotspot Mutants in Cells
Presented by: Joel Walker
View PDF Presentation

Lumit™ Protein Interaction Immunoassays Using Protein Tags and Biotinylated Small Molecules
Presented by: Steven Edenson 
View PDF Presentation

Unlocking Targeted Protein Degradation
Presented by: Steven Edenson 
View PDF Presentation

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